The importance of fresh ingredients. FARMHOUSE GROCER dishes have them in abundance

The importance of fresh ingredients is becoming more and more to the fore for customers – people are looking for local, sustainable foods that support Irish businesses and are healthy and good for the body. FARMHOUSE GROCER is filled with fresh, Irish, local, sustainable and flavour full ingredients in dishes we all know, love to eat and are good for us. All ready for your freezer or direct to your table.

There really is nothing better for giving more flavour to your food than fresh ingredients. As time goes on, preserved food can lose its taste, but ingredients that are fresh with no preservatives provide the authentic taste that every single ingredient has.  Redmond Farm grows all our vegetables and salad ingredients as well as our beef.  It is an immense project and one we are super proud of.

Alongside this, and to keep our provenance bedrock, we source all other ingredients from Wexford producers – its really important as Wexford has the best of ingredients because of the richness of the soil, the sun shines longer and more here than anywhere else in Ireland which combined makes the best tasting ingredients! It is only when we can’t find what we are looking for within our area locally, county that we step outside to source from Ireland before reaching elsewhere.

We know from recent studies that in the long run, processed foods can affect your health. So what a fresh meal from FARMHOUSE GROCER  offer you?


When cooking with fresh ingredients, your food will have retained a lot more nutrients compared to processed foods. In many cases, processed foods have been in contact with pesticides, or other artificial substances  Redmond Farm is virtually free from chemicals and pesticides.  You’ll see from our ingredients list we use freshly sourced ingredients, clean and full of taste.


When eating you want to get the most flavour possible from your food, which is why it is important to use fresh ingredients, which we do! Preserved food loses taste as time goes on, but fresh ingredients with no preservatives provide a more true flavour. You know you have confidence in a FARMHOUSE GROCER dish is made with fresh ingredients, will be healthy and convenient but full goodness for you and your family and friends.