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Are you looking for convenient, healthy food that you know will taste great and all the family will enjoy.

FARMHOUSE GROCER meal box set dishes are perfect for busy families, recuperation from sickness, student box sets to ensure they’re eating well as they set off for college, new mums so they don’t have to think of meal plans and simply for the freezer, close to hand and ready to eat.

Our box sets are available in 3 – 5 and 7 days bundles for one person or more.  Each dish is portioned for up to two people. There are 7 dishes and 7 sides to choose from and are delivered straight to your door. They are certainly a convenient way to have your evening meal without the hassle of planning recipes and visiting the supermarket.

The food comes in specific quantities with clear instructions for cooking. FARMHOUSE GROCER is a step up from ready-meals as the food is prepared by hand, using only ingredients grown and nurtured on Redmond Farm or locally in Wexford.  Cuts out the legwork of cooking from scratch, ready for your table.

3 dishes and sides for up to 2 people = €30
5 dishes and sides for up to 2 people = €50
7 dishes and sides for up to 2 people = €70


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